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Archie Andrews, everyone's favorite teenager from Riverdale, is generous, well mannered, but extremely impulsive. It is this impulsiveness that usually gives him cause for regret as he enters in and out of teenage dilemmas. One of the most important characteristics of Archie is his susceptibility to the feminine charm. For most of his life, he has been caught in the middle of one of America's most famous love triangles between Betty and Veronica. His adventures in trying to choose one of the two have always gotten him into trouble. And as if that weren't enough, he now also has to contend with the wild card redhead known as Cheryl Blossom, who also plans to steal Archie's heart!

Archie's Riverdale Run brings the world of Archie to life in full 3D for the very first time. Play as your favorite 'Archie' character and explore the town of Riverdale, complete dozens of exciting missions, and drive a variety of vehicles. The game is full of amazing fun experiences that will surely please Archie fans all over the world!