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EA is the premiere video game publishing company in the world and we work closely with them in designing and prototyping cutting edge ideas for their new products division.

THQ is a leading international video game publisher specializing in licensed IP and children's products. RZ2 Games maintains a strong relationship with THQ and when they commissioned us for multiple prototypes on both the PC and the Nintendo Wii we delivered.

The makers of Everquest, Pirates and perhaps the greatest gaming console of all time came to RZ2 Games when they needed technical expertise for their new Online Launch Pad Portal. We delivered.

Symbiotic Infotech is India's leading mobile entertainment service provider with distribution growing to include all of the major Asian markets. RZ2 Games provides Symbiotic unique and creative entertainment products that run the gamut from wallpapers and ringtones to full on mobile phone games.

When the experts at Golf Achiever realized that they needed a state-of-the-art virtual golf simulator for their industry leading technology, they turned to us and we delivered!

Finally, the Industry's most accurate golfing technology has an equally impressive virtual environment for pros and amateurs alike to hone their golfing skills.

FXLabs is a leading end-to-end game company in India. We contributed our technical programming expertise to the development of "Archie's Riverdale Run", allowing the talented staff at FXLabs to focus on design, art assets, scripting and QA.

Micro Forte is an Australian game developer with over 20 years of experience.

When they needed an affordable and highly talented development resource, they called on RZ2. Our artists and programmers worked alongside theirs while co-developing an awesome next-generation MMO Shooter.

BigWorld Technology is a leading middleware platform for developers of Massively Multiplayer Online Games. Our programming team did the highly technical work of bringing the Big World Client's rendering and physics technologies up to AAA, next-generation standards.

Gemmy Planet is a major publisher of mobile games and entertainment products for the Asian market. Gemmy Planet is the Taiwanese distributer of RZ2 Games mobile entertainment product line.

Nazara is a leading mobile entertainment company focused on the 100 million+ mobile subscriber base in India. They distribute RZ2 Games mobile entertainment products through their GPRS carrier based distribution system.

Nokia is the top mobile handset manufacterer in the world and RZ2 Games is their number one supplier of custom games for the Indian market.