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We make super-awesome PC games! Here's a sample below.

A Novel Idea is a unique, addictive multi-player game that challenges players to write a story in a group format. Players take turns adding to the story and score points with special bonus and keywords. A Novel Idea supports Android, iPhone and Facebook platforms.

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Also on iPhone and Android

Tribal Trouble 2 is a fast-paced realtime strategy game set in the wacky Viking age where pillaging and plundering were everyone’s favorite pastimes! Create your own Viking chieftain (or chieftess), sail quests to foreign places, challenge online players to battle and then go spend your loot on more Viking gear!

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Virtual Casino is a revolutionary new product that promises to take online gambling to a whole new level. It is currently in production and on schedule for an August 2012 unveiling.

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InPlay is the exciting, non-gambling version of Play Jackpot, our social networking/sports prediction game. InPlay is ideal for those countries where online gambling is not permitted. Players compete for prizes in a contest played concurrently with a live sporting event. InPlay challenges players to predict what will happen next in the live sporting event.

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Play Jackpot is a casual sports betting game that occurs concurrently with live sporting events. Play Jackpot tests player’s skills with key questions and predictions during a live sporting event. Players can participate via the web or through SMS on their cell phones.

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RZ2 Games has developed several projects in Flash including the Ray Poker tutorial which teaches players the game of poker from beginner to advanced levels. Hand Rankings, Pot Odds, Game Theory and Probabilities are all covered with our easy to learn, interactive approach.

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Super Spy Online (aka "SSO" for the sake of brevity).

SSO is a brilliantly crafted third person shooter with a focus on team play, and rightly so. Very early on in development we could tell that this project was going to be one of the most fun and rewarding we had worked on.

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Archie goes high-tech!

When we learned that FX Labs had acquired the video game rights to the Archie Comics series we were very excited to add our technical expertise to the project.

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Casual Browser Based Games

When India's movie studios wanted high quality casual games for their upcoming movies
they came to RZ2 Games and thus far we've delivered to of the highest quality casual games India ever developed in India.

Jalsa and Ashta Chamma definitely represent the best in this genre.