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Click here to get a sneak peek at some of the amazing titles under development at RZ2 Games. Our technical, art and design abilities are unparalleled by any other Indian developer.

We take a fun approach to game design that is backed by state of the art technology, art, animation and programming resources to make addictive games of epic proportions for your PC.

Have you ever wondered which Indian game studio has the most console and handheld development experience? Yeah, that's us... again.

We create the highest quality handheld and console games by utilizing solid core technologies and applying creative game designs strategies.

We rely on proven production and development processes to enable us to deliver addictively fun games on time and within the budget.

RZ2 Games once specialized in developing the highest quality mobile games on the market.

These days we focus primarily on PC, Console, Handheld and Smartphone development but we occasionally dip back into the lovely world of J2ME when duty calls.