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RZ2 Games is India's most accomplished video game development company. Our state of the art studio is staffed by a diverse and experienced team of International and Indian professionals. As a full service game developer we can build your product from concept through production and get it out to hundreds of millions of customers worldwide.

RZ2 Games is an officially licensed developer for the iPhone, Nintendo DS and Sony Playstation 2 platforms.

We also have considerable experience with PC and Online Gaming as well as Facebook, Android, Mobile Phone Game and Application development.

RZ2 Games is a pioneer in the development of unique and technically sophisticated gaming applications. Our gambling products cover the entire online spectrum from Poker to Sports Betting and full on Casinos. RZ2 Games’ products have passed the scrutiny of the world’s strictest gambling authorities and are licensed for operation in Malta, Sweden, Europe, Brazil, South Africa and other worldwide locations. We've worked on building card games such as Poker, Blackjack and Rummy as well as casino games including slots and roulette. We're skilled at building back-end and server side solutions that can scale as well.

As prominent members of the International gaming scene, we've had a chance to rub shoulders with some of the biggest industry players. Here is a sampling of some of the clients we've worked with over the years.

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