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Please mail your inquiries to


RZ2 Games now has a new policy on freshers. Details follow:

  1. Do not apply!
  2. If you think you're awesome!
    • Please see step #1.
  3. If you think you're seriously, amazingly awesome!!
    • Contact Pranav with your details.
      • But you really better be awesome (e.g. write code (or work on digital art) for fun and are obsessive compulsive about - version control, attention to detail and writing things down.)
      • If you haven't heard about or used version control before, we suggest learning about mercurial before you get in touch.


RZ2 Games has an extensive Internship policy. We believe it's important to educate everyone, especially those most interested in gaming. Unfortunately, we're actually kind of a small company and we therefore have a limited number of internship positions available. As you can imagine, those seats fill up really fast. All candidates are placed into the internship queue and applications are processed in the order that we receive them so be sure to get yours in early.