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RZ2 Games is comprised of a very talented and extremely successful group of game developers from around the world. Together we have the combined experience of having produced over 100 video games (major franchises such as NFL GameDay, ESPN Xtreme Sports, Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, Spyro the Dragon, Battlefield 2, Forza Racing and EA's NHL Hockey).

RZ2 Games is led by a world class management team, including:


Chris Whaley serves as President of RZ2 Games. Chris is a 20-year veteran of the game industry, having designed and produced over 50 hit video games including the highly-successful NFL GameDay franchise which went on to become a multi-million unit seller. Chris later founded Red Zone Games and served as the President until it was acquired by Sony in 2001. Chris Whaley's games have to date generated nearly a billion dollars in revenue and been the recipient of a variety of industry awards as diverse as "Sports Game of the Year"(NFL GameDay) to "Educational Game of the Year"(Body Illustrated).

Business Head

Garland Wong serves as the Business Head for RZ2 Games. Garland will also be heavily involved in sales/marketing and business development. Garland is a serial entrepreneur who has started numerous companies. After selling his third company CommerceWave, a system integration company to publicly traded iXL providing a thirty fold ROI to its investors in less than 2 years. Mr. Wong co-founded Kinzan and helped raise $38 million in venture capital funding. Garland is also a technologist who was part of the team that built CyberCash, the first real time payment system on the Internet. Garland is also a limited partner and technology advisor for Menlo Ventures and Global Internet Ventures. Garland sits on the boards and advisory boards of several technology startups in the US, China, and India.

Technical Director

Pranav Tekchand A self taught programmer, graduate of Delhi University and an original member of the RZ2 team, Pranav provides expert technical direction and guidance for all of our projects. His development experience includes MMOs, Arcade games, RPGs, Shooters and Social Networking games. Pranav approaches every project with a can-do attitude and he is also the high scoring point guard for the RZ2 basketball team.

Facilities Director

Pradeep Sehgal serves as the Facilities Director. Pradeep handles the administrative operations of RZ2 Games. With 22 years of military service "The Colonel" knows a thing or two about organization, structure and getting things done. A tyro gamer, Pradeep is planning to compete in the office gaming championships next year.