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   "The seat never felt so uncomfortable before, yet right now, all he can feel is the very edge as he races past a blur of stone walls in a heavily modified Mitsubishi EVO, heart pounding and white knuckled.

   He’s spent weeks modifying this machine to blaze past the competition, and now it comes down to this one race, to prove that he has what it takes to be the greatest street racer that ever drove down the cobbled roads of Manchester. And then the unexpected happens, the screen goes black and all you can hear is static.

   It’s back to the drawing board for game designer and developer Manguirish Naik from Quepem as he reboots the system, checks the source code, irons out a few bugs before he is back in the driver’s seat again.

   This is what the people at RZ2 Games, Goa’s only multi-platform game development company do all day under the leadership of Pradeep Sehgal, their facilities director and manager."